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Massage Therapy: Peter Sosa, LMT/MLDT

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

We are proud to introduce our amazing Massage Therapist:

Peter is a veteran massage therapist licensed in the state of Florida for almost three

decades. His therapeutic massage training began at Reese Institute in 1991 where he

also completed an internship program with the UCF football team.

Peter utilizes an integrative approach to manual therapy, believing that the client and their individual needs should dictate the manner of treatment and techniques used as opposed to a “one size fits all” method.

His education includes medical and sports massage, cupping,

therapeutic stretching, trigger point therapy, myofascial therapy and others for the

treatment of pain, stress management, sports performance, injury and post surgery

recovery while his training in lymphatic therapy focuses on conditions of the lymphatic

system including inflammation and swelling, detoxification, digestive issues,

autoimmune disease, cancer recovery, weight loss, alzheimer’s and dementia, autism

and learning disorders, hypertension and overall wellness.

Peter believes that continuous assessment and communication is the key to

results-oriented care.

Peter Sosa and his family

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