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Forward Head Posture

Research has shown that for every inch of forward head posture out of its normal alignment, an additional 10 pounds of stress is added to the spine and supporting soft tissues. This irregular situation can be caused by poor ergonomics from prolonged computer use, continual texting or bad sleeping position, whiplash and other factors. The constant tension that is caused by forward head posture can eventually lead to a number of chronic conditions including:


-TMJ (clenched teeth, jaw pain)

-Breathing difficulties

-Dizziness and loss of balance

-Neck and shoulder pain

-Thoracic outlet syndrome

-Osteoarthritis in the neck

-Cervical disk herniation

Effect of Our Digital Lives

For many of us, our daily lives are dominated by hours of staring at a digital screen via computers or a smartphone device. This seemingly innocent activity can wreak havoc on our health because it puts us in an unnatural forward-leaning head posture that we’re often locked into for extended periods of time on a day-to-day basis. Over time the ongoing strain causes certain muscles to constrict and spasm and others to become overstretched and weakened. The muscle imbalances eventually lead to chronic pain conditions including headaches, muscular pain and fatigue.

Massage therapy can help correct these imbalances by:

-Releasing and stretching constricted muscles

-Strengthening weak, lengthened muscles

-Removing spasms and trigger points

-Improving cervical mobility

-Decreasing headaches and pain

If you find yourself experiencing symptoms of forward head posture including headaches, neck pain, stiffness or fatigue, massage therapy can help. Call 407.885.9229 to schedule your appointment.

Peter Sosa, LMT/MLDT is a licensed massage therapist practicing in the state of Florida for almost three decades. He utilizes an integrative approach to pain management that includes deep tissue massage, neurosomatic therapy, myofascial release, assisted stretching, medical massage and more to achieve optimum results. MA#12186

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